When Skin Goes Wrong – Breakouts

This differs from acne only in its frequency. Acne is ever present, like an acquaintance who came for dinner and then, alarmingly, moved in; breakouts are more random, like a neighborhood pest at the door who comes asking for a cup of this and that again and again.

Breakouts may be (and often are) associated with some event or activity: mud wrestling, binge drinking, reactions to injected drugs, using hair pomade as as moisturizer, living with large insects in your bed (this includes children). You get the idea, seemingly out of nowhere this stuff arises.

If it occurs around the mouth, or what the skin dictionary describes as the ‘perioral’ area (call it an inch in every direction from the mouth), the cause can be anything from fluoride toothpaste to poison ivy from kissing a woodsman. Also, thumb sucking after listening to the news, while justified, is nevertheless a bad idea for the stability of the perioral area.

The point is, breakouts usually come from a ‘something’ in the environment you have made contact with – and if reoccurring, obviously stayed in contact with. So, find ‘the thing’ and eliminate it from your daily ordeal.

If breakout/rash like instability is persistent around the mouth, consider using 302 Skincare’s REVIVE to wash the area and then follow with a smidgen of zinc oxide salve/cream, as found with REMEDY. Or use the MINERAL MOISTURIZER.

A few days to a week should clear things up. The 302 Skincare company has provided these products to medical estheticians with excellent success for ten years.

Along the jawline, breakouts are common, sometimes turning into a persistent acne. Many times this can be explained as a slow moving avalanche of make-up, moisturizers, sunscreens, et al that pools at the jawline. Breakouts also occur because of aggressive cleansers that add sebaceous gland instability to the avalanche.

If that is not your situation, then impaired lymphatic drainage is the next logical suspect. The cell waste (and often the topically applied product waste) builds up faster than the lymph tubes can carry it all away.

Here is a rough description of what happens. Where the blood vessels in the dermis end there is a membrane beyond which the red blood cells cannot go. It is a filter and the liquid that passes through, full of waste products, is now in the lymph system – think plumbing.

These tubules (drain pipes) in the face carry the lymph, a clear to milk-like fluid, down to the lymph glands below and in front of the ear just below the jaw line. The lymph gland is the firehouse for antigens and other protective characters organized by the immune system. Invaders get the rubber hose treatment in the gland. From there the lymph takes a pipeline direct to the kidneys for a thorough filtration.

Jawline breakouts from only a modest use of topical products is a result of too much waste backing up in the pipes to the lymph gland. The gland may be occupied with an ear infection or fighting some random bug or virus and has no room to allow more waste – it swells up. Many of us have a chronic, but subclinical, inflammation going on and the lymph gland is ever swollen.

Then again, it may be that a combination of sudden hormone output increasing the cell population and waste products – as during menses, or an accumulation of skincare product waste, has caused the backup. The combined effect of hormones and excess topical product stuff can be another direct cause of jawline breakouts.

You can feel the enlargement of the lymph gland easily and that’s your clue. Enlargement does not mean that you automatically will get a jawline breakout. Your skin cell population (and waste production) may be much reduced because you have become a fossil OR you have an excellent metabolism in the skin.

Unexpectedly or not, but what seems to me more than a mere correlation, people with “good bones” as the dentist will inform you (plus or minus), seem to have very few problems with lymphatic drainage issues that visibly affect their skin. If the problem is chronic, and you have unexplained fatigue, it may indicate something more undesirable than jawline breakouts are going on and a visit to an internist could be helpful.

Topically, there are several methods to help move the waste along the pipeline. Ultrasound is the ideal method to improve lymphatic drainage. There are many skincare practitioners who specialize in this safe and effective method. A professional instrument that you can use in home-care is not inexpensive, however and can result in knotted facial muscles if over-used.

Many of you gadget kids use anything that vibrates, (massagers, toothbrushes, etc.), to encourage the drainage from the face. There are inexpensive “ultrasound” massagers, usually battery operated, that can be helpful for this purpose, and do increase blood flow to the area as a bonus.

If this jawline breakout problem is one you face again and again, consider one of these inexpensive massagers that can be very helpful to tone the skin also. Masks are of very limited value by the way, but not ruled out. Avoid scrubs at all costs. These can lead to endless problems. The Skin Dork is not a fan of scrubs, for any reason, ever.

Breakouts that happen in the T-zone are usually caused by a local oily skin problem. Blackheads are typical, especially on the lower forehead. It is important to choose two effective cleansers and avoid leave-ons in that area. “Leave-ons” are moisturizers, sunscreens, serums, and especially matte makeup: the usual suspects.

The 302 Skincare FACE & BODY BAR and REVIVE are excellent in dealing with over oily, blackhead conditions in the T-zone. The FACE & BODY BAR especially will settle down the unstable sebaceous glands.

Often the problem is aggravated by the use of very strong cleansers that strip the oil away and leave a squeaky-clean feel. This seems smart but it is exactly wrong. The intense cleansing effect only stimulates more oil production and now you find yourself in a vicious circle. Many then turn to an acid-based cleanser (glycolic, salicylic, etc) in hopes they can stay ahead of the problem. For a short while this works, and then Nature will have her revenge with an inflammation cascade.

If you have an acid cleanser, use salicylic for best and more predictable results. But, and this is a big one, apply once or twice per month – at most. The acids are not your friends. 302 Skincare has a good value in a 3% SALICYLIC CLEANSER concentration. No problem to use once to clear out things. You will be mightily tempted to apply frequently – resist the temptation, or enter into a world of trouble.

With acids the skin becomes sensitive, flares up easily, and gets oily; blackheads may go away only to be replaced by milia (white ones). All in all, not a good look and a constant battle when acids are part of your constant regimen.

Key to remember: avoid leave-ons. Masks on the other hand can be useful. Clay masks with no “actives” like vitamins are often helpful; but do not use if they contain vitamins A or C or acids. Beware that frequent masking WILL cause more instability. TREATMENT MASK from 302 Skincare is an excellent choice to soak up T-zone problems.

Avoid scrubs. Scrubs are a very bad idea that will lead to instability and inflammation. Again, the use of Vitamin A is very risky in this area. There are glands around the nose that will flare up easily from Vitamin A (retinol, retinoic acid, etc). The use of Vitamins B – any of them – also very risky and not advised.

Facial breakouts that come and go at random are often treated with benzoyl peroxide. I urge you to visit www.302skincare.com, and go to REFERENCE TOPICS – BENZOYL PEROXIDE. This chemical is a hazardous, mega free-radical generator that can cause permanent damage. You can easily slip into an addictive response that requires months of weaning (accompanied by unsightly lesions). Anyone advocating the use of this because of a personal experience does a disservice.

Be aware, breakouts are telling you things. Can’t get a handle on your breakouts? Send an email to 302 Skincare Guidance (guide@302skincare.com) and describe the visible problem and products you have applied. Start a dialogue and get real help.

Random breakouts are almost always an issue to be solved topically, go easy and use the right stuff.

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