Remarkable 302 Molecule Data

Remarkable 302 Molecule Data

The numbers go far ahead of any other metabolite in the world of skincare. That includes Vitamins A, B3 and C. And, it’s safer.

Results from a double blind, placebo controlled, randomized with confirmation study of human subjects (upper arm biopsies) by independent researchers:

  • 78% increase in epidermal thickness
  • 33% increase in dermal thickness
  • 69% increase in DNA
  • 67% increase in skin proteins
  • 244% increase in dermal fibroblast (baby cells) population (surface)
  • 226% increase in dermal fibroblast population (cross section)
  • 397% increase in glucose activation


That’s in 30 days.

This means nothing less than reversing the visible effects of chronologic aging.

This is a breakthrough molecule. It will get you where exfoliating never can.

Have thinning skin on hands, face, decollete? Losing tone and turgor? Uneven, lifeless overall look? This is for you.

Have visible sun damage? Have thickened, fibrous scar tissue? This is for you.

The 302 molecule, an oil of almost weightless texture, works to unwind the tendency in aging and trauma to excess crosslinking. The 302 result is softer skin – with bounce, resilience.

302 topical applications result in quality and quantity improvements that are unmatched and very visible.

I have not seen instances of such noticeable change so consistently delivered by any other skincare ingredient or product in twenty-five years.

The key is cellular energy. That glucose activation factor is how this all works. Most skincare metabolites rob the skin of energy and the result is fragmented proteins and cells that wear out the skin. Visibly the result is meh. Swelling up the skin surface from poor histology underneath does not solve the look of aging. But, activating glucose in our skin to provide the energy for new cells – that’s what baby skin does; that’s what the 302 molecule does.

The molecule is produced to reagent grade purity and is derived from a precursor in a unique avocado cultivar.

Apply twice per week. The visible response will tempt you to more frequent applications. Don’t. Follow the guidelines in the TRAINING MODEL found in Reference Topics at

Another way to think of this astonishing 302 molecule is as a systemic moisturizer. Mechanical moisturizing is done by barrier creams and lotions. They are made to compensate for our lack of cells. The better way is to build out cells that carry more moisture naturally, or “systemically.”

What goes with? A 1.0 DROPS or A 1.0 SERUM once per week. Vitamin A and 302 metabolites complement one another. They are synergistic. The visible results will speak for themselves.

Interesting fact for ingredient dorks: almost every metabolite truly beneficial to the skin has a molecular weight in the 300 range.

Who can’t use the 302 molecule? It is very well tolerated, but there are exceptions:

  • Exfoliating addicts whose skin is on the ragged edge of stability from skin peels.
  • Topical product addicts. If you stop using your products and your skin goes bananas, you’re addicted.
  • Those with dermatitis.


The good news is that these unwanted conditions can be alleviated. The Skin Dork has written on transitioning away from addictive, skin depleting regimens and reaching a baseline metabolism BEFORE beginning a solid rebuilding program.

The importance of reducing the amount skin influences on our skin cannot be overstated. The more you apply to your skin, the less your skin will thrive. It is simple biology and nature will not be denied. The skin weakens from topical products both individually and collectively when they are applied simply as a matter of daily routine.

Routine must become random. Find great products, use them sparingly, get greater results.

This is a different message than the industry promotes, but it is the reality. There ARE skincare molecules (metabolites) that can favorably alter the course of skin aging with very visible results. But the tendency to overdo it is the big mistake.

Find me a grandma who never used skincare and compare with one who soaked in it and I will show you the reality of less is best.

Now there is a third way, the optimum way, to promote a very youthful skin and that’s to apply powerful metabolites like the 302 molecule only a few times per week. Twice is enough.

Get this one.


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