Actives can and often are over frequently applied. The visible result then tails off and becomes disappointing usually within a month for receptor driven actives like Vitamin C (C 12.5 DROPS / C 12.5 SERUM, C 25 DROPS / C 25 SERUM) or Vitamin A (A 0.5 DROPS / A 0.5 SERUM, A 1.0 DROPS / A 1.0 SERUM).

The 302 molecule found in 302 DROPS, 302 DROPS PLUS, 302 SERUM and 302 SERUM PLUS is not as unforgiving as Vitamins C and A and B from over frequent application. But.

It is important to observe and adjust your frequency of application to optimize response. This is very different from what other skincare providers advocate. We developed this approach with our own clinicians during the last two decades. We find the concept works and brings you, the end user, into being your own best coach. Observe and adjust.

Be especially observant for the first few applications of an active. If your skin seems to react in a noticeable way, such as feeling warm, becoming pink (but not inflamed) or just much brighter and more plump then you are going to want to apply that product less frequently. That is counter-intuitive but it will have a better visible outcome for you. Do not be surprised if a 1x per week application of a powerful metabolite works just fine.

The reverse is true. You may find an active does meh, very little, after a few applications. Your skin just does not respond. That active is just not going to work for you.

Note: if that unresponsiveness is true for all actives then it is your skin that needs analysis by a professional. CLICK HERE to find the 302 Skincare professional nearest you.

For an in-depth discussion of this application frequency phenomena visit the REFERENCE TOPICS and read through the REPAIR MODEL and the TRAINING MODEL. This will give you perspective on 302 Skincare’s approach which is to surprise the skin (pleasantly), not saturate it.

Think of your skin as a houseplant, avoid overwatering and overfeeding it for best results.

If you have ever tried a product that worked well for you in the first few weeks and then rapidly went downhill, the answer may be the over frequent application of that metabolite weakened your skin. Observe and adjust.