How To Be Your Own Skincare Coach (Part 4)

Once the skin has stabilized, a what-you-see-is-what-you-are-moment arrives. It cannot be emphasized too often the importance of avoiding over frequent applications of products, either individually or collectively. The skin simply cannot withstand the onslaught. It needs to be prompted into positive metabolic activity, not smothered. The skin is only a few sheets of paper thick […]

How To Be Your Own Skincare Coach (Part 3)

In Parts 1 and 2 we went through the need to find your normal, baseline skin metabolism before attempting any enhancements. This is done by subtraction and the use of very mild, but effective cleansers. So many have fallen into the trap of simply adding more and more to the skin in a vain attempt […]

How To Be Your Own Skincare Coach (Part 2)

In the first part we went over the need to face the face and most importantly – why. The real face. No makeup, no leave-on products, especially not that all important SPF lotion. Set aside everything. Everything. Find a mild cleanser – find two. I like REVIVE from 302 Skincare. I also like their FACE […]

How To Be Your Own Skincare Coach

Covid-19 had the effect of closing many outstanding professional skincare studios and many of those have not re-opened. Like seventy percent. Older pros have thrown in the towel and newer survivors are building their practices around basics like waxing and facials. The more exacting areas of visible skin aging and inflammation, once readily addressed in […]

Waxing, Depilatories, Ingrown Hair on Face and Body – and Aliens

The late comic Joan Rivers once remarked that a bikini waxing would beat waterboarding for getting results easy-peasy. The ordeal of WAXING does make one wonder if it is another dreadful plot by the patriarchy; but, then we come to learn the patriarchy is now waxing, too. Waxing is by far the biggest segment in […]

Summertime Rashes, Breakouts & Red Dots

The summer can bring on hateful skin. Heat brings on sweat that gathers up airborne dirt like a mop and then resorbs the sludge in the cool shade. The result is itchy food for small bugs (things horrifying in their look, but small enough you can’t see) who roam about and leave a trail of […]

Zen & The Art of Skincare (part 4)

SKIN METABOLISM In this final installment we can review the issues so far and then discuss the metabolic issues of the skin and how this single factor can have such a large impact. Summarizing: The directions on the bottle often have nothing to do with you and a lot to do with sales (as in, […]

Zen & The Art of Skincare (part 3)

Cell signaling rules. Let’s find out. Skin is a close second behind the brain as the most complex organ of the body. Nothing else comes close. The skin protects. That is its sole mission. So, why so complicated? There are many “systems” in play is the short answer, otherwise we would have hid like lizards. […]

Zen & The Art of Skincare (part 2)

The skin evolved from the brain. They share many common factors, interest in novelty and susceptibility to addiction being two of these. Meaning, the brain is easily addicted, even to the point of self-destruction. The skin likewise is easily addicted. Meaning the skin adapts to the environment in order to protect the vital organs (its […]

Crinkly Skin

Another evil in the world of aging ungracefully is the emergence of crinkly skin. This is a different subject than sagging, turkey wattles. Sagging skin that you see on your neck or under your eyelids is another issue for a separate post. They can often go together, but need to be approached differently. Crinkly skin […]

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